The potential quality to be plucked during harvest is a result of a great deal of time and effort on the part of the farmer throughout the year. From pruning trees, leaf analysis, soil nutrition and planting decisions, Intelligentsia offers council, assistance and access to our expert friends around the globe.


Our focus is not just identifying quality coffee, but developing and rewarding it. To do this means preserving and developing strong relationships despite the considerable distance. At any given time, there is at least one Intelligentsia buyer at origin.


Our education department is the fastest growing in the company and is lead by the 2010 World Barista Champion Michael Phillips. We work tirelessly to make sure all our staff are capable of realizing the full potential in every cup and communicating where that quality came from.


Gaining access to the green bean in a coffee cherry and the method employed to do so is hugely significant and presents many risks to cup quality. Intelligentsia works closely with producers to optimize techniques and control factors such as waste reduction, fermentation time, the calibration of de-pulpers and the time between picking and de-pulping.


Each DT contract is unique and is drawn up pre harvest. We identify targets with the producer and agree to to pay high prices for high quality. Our goal is delicious coffee for you, economic sustainability and success for the producers who create it.


In 2008 we started importing our own coffee. This enabled us to greatly expedite the journey from tree to cup as well as ensure the right people get paid the right amount. It also allowed us unique buying opportunities such as the inaugural DST auction in Ethiopia where Intelligentsia was the only roaster in the world participating directly.


At Intelligentsia we seek to develop and showcase the different flavors unique to each coffee. Through commissioned research and the latest in roast logging technology and software, we are able to engineer roast profiles that best reveal the personality of each crop we purchase.


The Extraordinary Coffee Workshop is a Direct Trade event. Since creating the world's first DT relationship in 2003, we now buy most of our coffee through this model. ECW brings our DT producers together to share their stories, techniques and coffee with one another. The result has been renewed passion for better quality, greater experimentation and a network of DT producers in constant dialogue.


Our DT producers break their harvests down into individual lots and send us samples for scrutiny. Our cupping team then assesses the samples in our lab, collects the data, and initiates a lot build - our selection of the full harvest. This year long discipline of constantly tasting allows us to ensure absolute cup quality and identify any special lot that stands out and is worthy of its own special release.